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5 simple tips to protect your eyesight as you age

You'll still need reading glasses, but these measures can help ward off major problems.

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10 ways to cope with sibling estrangement

There's a difference between a sibling rivalry and a truly toxic situation.

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The most helpful thing you can do for your loved ones

“It’s a gift you give to your friends and family.”

How to choose the right Medicare Supplement plan for you

There are so many letters and different companies. How do you know you’re getting a plan that works for your situation?

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Death is forever. Cemeteries, as they currently exist, might not be

What happens when we run out of burial space? Cities around the world are starting to get creative.


These 10 surgeries are considered “uniquely high risk” for older adults

A study named 227 risky surgeries for older adults. But these 10 procedures can be especially problematic.


5 simple tips to protect your eyesight as you age

You'll still need reading glasses, but these measures can help ward off major problems.


17 signs of a blood clot that are easy to miss

Though symptoms can be sneaky, many people are able to identify them and seek medical attention before it's too late.

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This is the dental work you should tackle before you retire

Take care of your teeth before you retire, because you can’t count on Medicare.

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The ‘silver tsunami’ is coming — and we’re not ready

Here's what needs to be done to address a significant public health challenge.


The food each state hates the most

What dishes are widely despised in your neck of the woods?

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Why you’re supposed to leave the cap on when recycling

One recycling myth we can clear up right now.

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The surprising problem with open layout homes

Almost every show on HGTV seems to encourage knocking out a wall and creating one large oasis of entertaining.


Which way is the bus going? Kids do better on this one than adults

About 80% of kids under age 10 could answer the problem almost immediately.

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Struggling to hit 10,000 steps? Here’s the real number to aim for

According to a recent study, the ideal step count might actually be a good deal lower.

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What your blood type can tell you about your health

Research suggests that blood type could increase your risk of heart disease, Alzheimer's and more.


Dogs at Hobo the Clown’s Christmas dinner

The dogs didn't seem to think the clown was creepy

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7 bizarre foods people used to like for some reason

With little to no nutritional value or taste factor, you’ve got to wonder what the initial appeal was

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7 random facts about Miracle on 34th Street

There's a lot to learn about this quintessential holiday movie


Relax. The Reddit-Hedge Fund Battle Won’t Tank Your 401(k)

The internet is aflame with stock market reactions. But if you invested for the long term, you’re likely insulated from any fallout.

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How Much Interest Can I Earn on $100, $1K or $10K?

A financial and lifestyle brand for people who are redefining what it means to grow older and are looking forward to what’s next

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The oldest mall in America now features dozens of micro-apartments

Would you consider downsizing and moving to the mall?