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5 simple tips to protect your eyesight as you age

You'll still need reading glasses, but these measures can help ward off major problems.

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10 ways to cope with sibling estrangement

There's a difference between a sibling rivalry and a truly toxic situation.

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The most helpful thing you can do for your loved ones

“It’s a gift you give to your friends and family.”

How to choose the right Medicare Supplement plan for you

There are so many letters and different companies. How do you know you’re getting a plan that works for your situation?

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Death is forever. Cemeteries, as they currently exist, might not be

What happens when we run out of burial space? Cities around the world are starting to get creative.


These 10 surgeries are considered “uniquely high risk” for older adults

A study named 227 risky surgeries for older adults. But these 10 procedures can be especially problematic.


5 simple tips to protect your eyesight as you age

You'll still need reading glasses, but these measures can help ward off major problems.


Seeing red freckles? Here’s when cherry angiomas are cause for alarm

These "red freckles" are common skin growths that can develop on most areas of the body. Here's when you should alert your doctor.

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This is what causes eye floaters

Here’s what they are, what causes them, and when you need to worry.

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The loneliness of social isolation can raise dementia risk in older adults

The evidence suggests that prolonged feelings of loneliness are detrimental to health. Here's what you can do about it.


The unexpected ingredient that improves any burger

You only need two ingredients to make a perfect burger.

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Study ties sugar cravings to this daily habit

The results of a new study published by the American Heart Association.

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8 foods that almost never expire

If you're planning on filing your cupboards, these foods will outlast any quarantine.


10 things you might not realize your smartphone can do

From hanging pictures to measuring distances.


Look inside Joe Pesci’s $6.5 million Jersey Shore house

The Academy Award–winning actor is selling his Jersey Shore mansion after 30 years.

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Which hotel chains have handled COVID-19 the best?

Major hotel brands have scrambled to adapt to the new reality.

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Kari Lizer’s essay collection is our must-read book of the summer

The following is an excerpt from 'AREN’T YOU FORGETTING SOMEONE? Essays from My Mid-Life Revenge' by Kari Lizer of 'Will & Grace' and 'The New Adventures of Old Christine.'


5 things to know about gold’s record-breaking run

The price of gold broke an all-time record earlier this week.

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10 ways to make up for a late start on retirement savings

Finding that you’ve reached middle age with little or no savings is painful. Playing catch-up doesn’t have to be.

Venmo, Cash App and PayPal: Can you really trust your payment app?

Money transfer apps can be safe when used as directed — but people often don’t read the directions.