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6 signs your feelings of sadness are something more serious

When does sadness classify as depression?

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This is the most helpful thing you can do for the people who love you

“It’s a gift you give to your friends and family.”

Gift card scams are getting more inventive — here’s how to protect yourself this holiday season

Thieves can siphon away a gift card's balance before you even buy it. Here's how to avoid getting scammed.

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5 rules you need to remember about winter storm forecasts

It's hard to know who to trust when you’re searching for information about an upcoming storm.

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Having a sister makes you a better person, according to science

Having a sister can boost your self-esteem and mental health, and protect you from feeling lonely.

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How a chance encounter with Thomas Jefferson sparked a 19th-century catchphrase

"A popularity which no other slang phrase has ever attained," a newspaper wrote in 1840.

The biggest reason you shouldn’t retire at the same time as your spouse

Togetherness isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be (but probably not for the reason you think)


The hidden health risk of holiday celebrations

Those cider jack cocktails and mugs of mulled wine can increase your risk of an irregular heartbeat.

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Why the holidays are a prime time for elder abuse, and what you can do to thwart it

You need to pay special attention to older adults this time of year.

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The 5 secrets to aging well

“There’s no better time to grow older, thanks to science and shifting demographics.”


Is your smart TV spying on you? FBI issues new warning

In rare instances, hackers can turn on your bedroom TV’s camera and microphone and silently monitor you. The FBI offered these tips to stay safe.

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These foods are designed to be hard to put down, even when you’re full

Foods with two or more of these ingredients can activate brain-reward neurocircuits similarly to drugs like cocaine.

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The average age of a first-time grandparent in the US is now 50 years old

While the fundamentals of being a grandparent remain the same, the role is gradually changing.

When home health aides cross the line on privacy

You may want to make caregivers feel like part of the family, but what happens when they start posting your parents on Instagram?


When a cross-dressing squirrel captivated the nation

The most famous squirrel ever to come from Washington.

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Why Alex Trebek has had a $49,000 bounced check on his wall for decades

The legendary Jeopardy! host has long been known for his sense of humor.

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The Real ID Act goes into effect in 2020. Are you ready?

Don't be left behind at the airport — here's how to get the new ID.


Here are the best places to retire in each state

Where would you like to retire? Here are 50 options.

Divorced and nearing 65? Read this before claiming Social Security benefits

Phil Moeller answers a reader question on divorce and Social Security.

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There are secret codes hidden in Costco price tags

Pay close attention to the prices at Costco and you can get yourself an even better deal.