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A sex therapist answers 5 important questions about sexless marriages

Are you in a sexless marriage? What's the "normal" amount of sex to have?

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When is the optimal time couples should claim Social Security?

When it comes to Social Security claiming decisions, timing is everything.

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Why 70 is the new 40

The path to old age appeared daunting until seven months ago. That’s when I met a Lyft driver named Kevin.

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The world’s oldest man, my great-grandmother, and me

As I learned after meeting 113-year-old Walter Breuning, the most ordinary memories have potentially profound consequences.

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A ‘thirtysomething’ sequel is in the works

The emphasis will be on the new generation, with four of the original actors confirmed to return.

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Forget lifespan: why brain scientists are focusing on ‘healthspan’

The new thinking about aging considers not just how long one lives, but how vibrant one stays later in life.


A sex therapist answers 5 important questions about sexless marriages

Are you in a sexless marriage? What's the "normal" amount of sex to have?


7 surprising causes of back pain

If your back is bugging you, it might be something in your everyday life that's causing the problem.

9 reasons for chest pain that aren’t a heart attack

Sometimes your heart isn't even the culprit.

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What people in their 90s regret the most

I interviewed the oldest people I know. Their responses contradict popular research about aging and happiness


6 surefire ways to warm up this winter

Keep yourself nice and cozy whenever Old Man Winter comes a-knocking.

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The one major mistake people make when cooking pasta

It's easy to fix, and it'll make your next pasta dish perfect.

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6 surprising uses for hydrogen peroxide

Put that brown bottle sitting in your medicine cabinet to good use.


10 things your daughter-in-law won’t tell you

From the mildly annoying to the downright destructive.

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The grandmother hypothesis and why women live longer than men

Science supports the sheer power of grandmas.


Mapping out the ultimate U.S. road trip

These are the can't-miss landmarks across the country.

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The real M*A*S*H

Rare color photographs taken at actual MASH stations in Korea in 1951 and 1952.

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Marilyn Monroe serenading the troops in Korea

After the Korean war ended, Marilyn Monroe stopped by to entertain the military men still stationed there


Your old VHS tapes might actually be worth something

Don’t throw out your old VHS tapes until you read this.

Here’s when everything will go on sale in 2020

Time your big purchases right this year.

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Should you insure that trip or TV? Here’s what an economist would do

There are three situations where you need to buy insurance.