Julie Halpert

Julie Halpert is a freelance journalist based in Michigan. She has more than three decades of experience writing for numerous national publications, including The New York Times, Newsweek, The Atlantic, Real Simple, CNBC, AARP, Scientific American, and The Wall Street Journal. She covers a multitude of topics, including parenting, health, education, science, environment, finance, how boomers are reinventing retirement, and the future of self-driving cars.

At The Wall Street Journal, she is a regular contributor to the retirement section, writing about people who have switched careers late in life. She is also the co-author of Making Up With Mom: Why Mothers and Daughters Disagree About Kids, Careers, and Casseroles. Ms. Halpert has also reported on the air for many public radio programs, including The Environment Report, Marketplace and Living on Earth.

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