A look back at the past, complete with video.

Friday, March 8

It’s Monday, March 8, 1971 and much of the world is focused on a boxing ring at Madison Square Garden in New York. Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali, both undefeated heavyweight champions, are set to meet in “The Fight of the Century.”

The drama was heightened by this fact: the two fighters loathed each other.

Thursday, March 7

On this day in history, March 7, 1876. Alexander Graham Bell is awarded the patent for what would become the telephone.

The history of the invention of the telephone is contentious to this day. At least two other inventors have been recognized as also inventing the machines that became what we now carry around in our pockets or purses.

Three days after he received the patent, Bell made the first successful phone call, to his assistant in the next room: “Mr Watson, come here. I need you.”