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Learn some good old music trivia with Enter your birthday in the drop-down menu on the right and you can see notable events about well-known artists, like the Supremes (pictured) and Bob Dylan, that occurred on or around your birthday from the ’50s to today. Then, get more specific and find out the No. 1 song in the U.S. on your exact birthday.

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The Farmer’s Almanac is well known for predicting the weather for the next year, and now this beloved resource can also tell you what weather was like in the past.

The Almanac created a birthday calculator that shows weather events, like snowstorms and hurricanes, that happened on the day you were born. As an added bonus, the calculator serves up some fun “birthday lore” and a horoscope.

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Obscure National Holiday

You’ve probably come across some wacky national holidays before, and maybe you’ve even celebrated with your grandkids (National Ice Cream Day or Talk Like A Pirate Day, anyone?).

It turns out there’s at least one crazy national day for every day of the year. Check out which one falls on your birthday here.

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Historical Events

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Both The New York Times and the History Channel websites have compiled lists of important historical events corresponding to a specific date in the calendar year.

If you select May 20 on the Times page, you’ll find historical events, newspaper front pages, and current and historic birthdays of famous people that happened on May 20 each year back to the 1860s.

History Channel’s “This Day in History” section gives a detailed account of one event with links to others on the side. The page defaults to today’s date, but you can select any date to see your birthday.

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Life Path Number & More

Delve into the obscure “sciences” of numerology and astrology with this fun Birthday Calculator. Just enter in your birth date and find your life path number, which “represents who you are at birth and the native traits that will carry with you through life,” according to the site.

Also find lucky numbers, days, and other fun facts like your birth flower and what phase the moon was in when you were born.

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Remember when filling up your gas tank didn’t almost break the bank? This time capsule will jog your memory. Put in your date of birth and see what it cost to buy a gallon of gas, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, and more when you were born.

The site also shows you top news headlines for the week, top songs, famous people who share the same birthday, and even the hot new toys at the time.

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Movies were a big deal when you were growing up: They were the perfect way to spend a day or go on a date (and the popcorn didn’t cost almost $10 a pop). Relive the good old days of the silver screen and find out what the most popular movie was when you were born with this great index.

See the second table on the page for a list of the top-grossing movie for each year, starting in 1915. You can even see how much each movie raked in at the box office, and for some the production budget, too.

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TV Shows

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You know the most popular shows from your childhood, but do you know the top TV show from when you were born? Find out with this list of the top-rated shows from each year, from 1950 through 2000. Find the year you were born for the top 30 TV shows, or go through the years for a little dose of nostalgia.

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