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c 1900-1950

The Basket Men of Covent Garden

For 300 years, Covent Garden was London's market for fruit, vegetables and flowers.

You’d be hard pressed to find fresh produce for sale in Covent Garden today. It is a (reasonably) tasteful tourist shopping destination. But for more than 300 years, from the 1650s until 1974, Covent Garden was London’s market for fruit, vegetables and flowers, all carried in baskets.

1925: Market trader Alfred Bailey practising with 15 baskets at Covent Garden, London, for the basket-carrying championships.
Fox Photos/Getty Images

These pictures show some of the hundreds of market porters who transported the many and varied forms of garden produce from the market buildings to their end buyers, in a basket (or more often than not, baskets) balanced on their heads. Once offloaded to the waiting carts and (later) trucks, the goods would then be driven as swiftly as possible across the length and breadth of Britain.

1930: Transporting market baskets
Getty Images

It likely won’t surprise you to learn that the porters were more than a little competitive about their vertical stacking prowess, and competitions were common. In 1933, ‘Basket’ Jim Sainsbury set a record, balancing 15 baskets on his head. When he went for 20, Jim found his talents were exceeded.

1926: A porter carrying many baskets on his head
The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images
1922: A Covent Garden market porter
The Print Collector/Print Collector/Getty Images
1928: Basketman Jim Sainsbury
Getty Images
1915: A market trader with a stack of baskets
SSPL/Getty Images
1931: E. W. White, porter, carrying twenty baskets stacked to King Street, Covent Garden
Boyer/Roger Viollet/Getty Images
1925: A Covent Garden carman crossing a temporary Waterloo Bridge, London
Davis/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images
1925: A porter at Covent Garden Market, London, carries twenty baskets on his head
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
1933: A competitor in the Basket Carrying Championships at Covent Garden, London
Fox Photos/Getty Images

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