It’s easy to hear horror stories about flying. But good news? Not so much.

That’s part of what makes TripAdvisor’s recent best-of list of airlines so valuable: The rankings are according to people who were actual customers

In its third year, the list of the 10 best airlines in the world mostly favored Asian services, with only one U.S. airline making the cut: Southwest. In flights within North America, the best were mostly based in the U.S. with a few exceptions in Canada.

The ranking looked at TripAdvisor reviews over the past year, and the methodology took both volume of reviews and account history into account. (Yes, you can make a TripAdvisor account to complain about that terrible 10-hour delay.) 

Here are some of your best North American options.

1. Best Airline: Southwest Airlines

Where it flies: Southwest flies to 100 locations, including Aruba, Cancun, and Cuba

Why it’s a standout: The Dallas-based airline touts itself as the world’s largest low-cost airline carrier. And, as its fans know, there’s no first class on this economy-focused airline, and even business class seats are the same width as cheaper ones (the uptick in price gets you on the plane earlier). The big draw: no fee for checking up to two pieces of luggage. 

2. Best Major Airline: Delta

Where it flies: Delta flies to 330 locations, including Paris, Tokyo, and Mexico

Why it’s a standout: Fans cite Delta’s consistently great service, with reviewers mentioning most often the cookies and free movie selection. After all, who doesn’t want to watch Wonder Woman while eating a warm cookie?

3. Best Low-Cost Airline: Southwest Airlines and Jetblue

Where it flies: Southwest flies to plenty of U.S. locations, including California and Colorado, and Jetblue offers non-stop flights to 85 American destinations, as well as the Caribbean and South America.

Why it’s a standout: It’s those unlimited inflight complimentary snacks on Jetblue, isn’t it? Well, yes, but the New York-based airline also offers free wifi and live TV, and most of its flights are non-stop. You already know why Southwest stood out. (See Best Airline.)

4.Best Airline In Passenger Comfort: Jetblue

Where it flies: Jetblue also flies to Fort Lauderdale, Boston, and San Juan. 

Why it’s a standout: Jetblue snags the prize again, this time for what fans say is “generous” knee space and “actually comfortable” seating. Add in the free wifi and brandname snacks and people start feeling pretty good.

5. Best Mid-Size Airline: Alaska Airlines, Hawaii Airlines, and Westjet

Where it flies: Alaskan Airlines is actually based in Seattle, and it flies all over America’s West Coast, from California to San Francisco. Hawaiian Airlines flies to 25 locations in the U.S., as well as a few out of the U.S., like Australia, China, and Japan. Westjet is Canada’s second largest airline, and it flies to Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Why it’s a standout: TripAdvisor reviewers loved the great customer service and free drinks on Alaskan Airlines, but then there was Hawaiian Airline’s Hawaiian-style beer, cookies, and in-flight music. And of course reviewers mentioned the Westjet app, which allows fliers to watch movies and television, and the Westjet staff’s welcoming customer service. But who needs to pick favorites, right? You can fly them all.

6. Best In Economy: Southwest Airlines

Where it flies: Some of Southwest’s lesser-known destinations include Virginia, Iowa, and Maine.

Why it’s a standout: For the third time, Southwest sweeps the award category. Economy seats, up to two free checked bags, and free snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. It also has a generous rewards program, so you can earn points on your flights no matter what class you fly.

7. Best Premium Economy: American Airlines

Where it flies: This Texas-based airline flies to over 250 locations, from Chicago to London to Miami.

Why it’s a standout: If you’re flying premium economy on American Airlines, you’re getting the same priority services business class gets. And there are pretzels.

8. Best Business Class: Air Canada

Where it flies: Canada’s largest airline flies to more than 200 destinations, including Toronto, Barcelona, and London.

Why it’s a standout: With tablecloth, silver cutlery, and a free toiletry bag, Air Canada’s business class is the best the skies have to offer, according to TripAdvisor reviewers.

9. Best In Regional Business Class: Jetblue

Where it flies: Jetblue also flies to Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Why it’s a standout: Flying business class on Jetblue means flying with their Mint program, which offers massaging seats that can lie flat for naps, specialized cocktails and a dedicated priority check-in line.

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