8 best kid-friendly baseball stadiums

From coast to coast, these eight ballparks promise good times - and even a little baseball - for grandkids and grandparents alike.

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Baseball has always been a game rich in history, including its venues. Many of us can recall attending games with our families, and although the majority of ballparks we remember as kids are gone, there are many wonderful new versions—and a few golden oldies—left to enjoy.

Taking your grandkids to a game is a great way to build new memories. It’’s easier than ever to get tickets, either through the official websites of major league teams or (if you’’re willing to pay above face value) online agencies. Your biggest challenge may be which of the 30 big-league ballparks to choose from, and that’’s where we come in.

Here are some terrific parks that you and your grandkids can enjoy together, rich in atmosphere and activities (besides the game, of course). Grab some peanuts and take your pick!