If like me, the holidays are merely a euphemism for an endless cheese-eating-a-thon, then get ready to dust off your passport. A cheese-themed hotel room is set to open in London this month. Gouda news for the cheese-lovers among us.

Like a good limburger, this hotel suite is pretty bold. The room is an eye-catching shade of cheddar yellow, including cheese-themed wallpaper, bedding, cushions, artwork, and giant cheese installations — edible hopefully, though unconfirmed. Cheese even invades the entertainment with cheese-themed board games and cheese soap, which is perhaps where I draw the line (though never say never).

If hanging out in a cheese room has you jonesing for the real thing, there is a “cheese hotline” you can call. Staff will bring cheese and crackers to your room within minutes. What a time to be alive!

The hotel is run by the European restaurant chain Cafe Rouge. Along with all the cheese you can eat, they are also throwing in a free meal at one of their restaurants in case you decide you need to be reminded of what a vegetable looks like.

Limited time only

This pop-up hotel will only be open for one week in the north London borough of Camden, and the lucky guests will be picked via a lottery system with only nine winners and their plus ones.

To enter, you’ll need to email thecheesesuite@caferouge.co.uk and register your interest. The dates will be allocated at random, so perhaps you should make some other arrangements as well. May I suggest a stay in other cheese-themed British destinations such as: Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, Sandwich in Kent or maybe even Stilton in Cambridgeshire?

Wherever you go, remember to relax and enjoy. After all, sweet dreams are made of cheese.

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