10 best military base tours in the U.S.

Military destinations around the country that offer an exciting look at America’s history.

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More than 2 million Americans serve in the U.S. armed services. When these military personnel go on R&R for rest and relaxation, they look forward to heading away from the bases where they’’re stationed. But for civilians, military bases don’’t involve work, and they can be great places to visit. You’’ll not only get a better sense of how the men and women of the military serve us, you’’ll also learn of the traditions and history that make each branch special, and see sites that are an exciting and vibrant part of America’’s history.

Some military bases aren’’t open to the public at all, and all have special requirements that visitors need to observe. Yet hundreds of thousands of civilians visit military installations to take advantage of regularly scheduled tours or to attend special events.

We’’ve rounded up some military destinations that are well worth visiting, and we’’ve included some of the most important things to remember as you plan your visit, too. And even if you can’’t make it to a base, read on because some of the most remarkable attractions just might come to you!