So you want to relive your hippie days by revisiting Woodstock, but you’re too old to be camping in the mud? Looks like you might be out of luck.

With large, nostalgic crowds expected to attend the anniversary of “Three Days of Peace and Music,” this August, pretty much every available hotel, motel, bed-and-breakfast, and Airbnb in nearby Sullivan County is already sold out, according to the Times-Herald Record of Middletown, despite the fact that the line-up performers haven’t been released yet.   

The original three-day festival, of course, featured performances by Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and the Who, among many others, and was attended by a mind-blowing 400,000 concert goers. This time around, the venue hosting the anniversary concerts only holds 15,000.

Another difference between the two festivals: It would appear that baby boomers have become significantly better at planning ahead than they were back in ‘69, when makeshift tents were the order of the day. Many hotels report that they’ve been completely booked for over a year, and one family from Germany actually managed to make room reservations a decade ago.

If you’re thinking of joining the celebration, potential visitors are encouraged to visit the Sullivan County Visitors Association website for updated lodging information. And it’s probably a good idea to pack a tent and a sleeping bag—just in case.