You’ve seen Dum Dums everywhere from doctors’ offices to barbershops to candy drawers. But one place you haven’t seen them for decades: commercials.

That’s now changing, as Spangler Candy is rolling out an advertising campaign with the new tagline “Make Life Pop!”

“Dum Dums is one of those rare, iconic brands that is already so loaded with positive emotion,” Lindsey Smith, co-founder of the Smith Brothers agency behind the campaign, told MediaPost. “Who doesn’t remember rooting around in that bowl and the simple thrill of finding your favorite flavor?”

The Shel Silverstein–inspired “Make Life Pop!” campaign includes two animated :30 spots that are running digitally and shorter versions for social media.

Taste test

The ads don’t touch on the biggest question surrounding the 95-year-old brand — what is the Mystery Flavor, really?

For years, it was a very smart way to save on food waste. “Instead of shutting machinery down between runs and totally emptying out the previous batch’s flavor,” NBC reported, “sometimes they’ll just start the next one, so that the two flavors will simply run together. So, theoretically, you could end up with Cherry-Root Beer, or Blueberry-Watermelon.”

However, Spangler spokesperson Diana Moore Eschhofen told The Today Show that times have changed. “That’s not entirely accurate anymore. It still happens, but not always. Sometimes it’s a different thing now.”

What is that “different thing”?

“We can only reveal that the Mystery Flavor continuously changes and is not limited to current Dum Dums flavors,” explains the brand’s FAQ page. “It’s up to Dum Dums fans to guess the flavor of these mysterious pops.”

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