As the holiday decorations are stashed away, the awards season begins. Sunday’s Golden Globes telecast kicks off the entertainment industry’s seemingly endless run of self-congratulatory bling-fests.

But unlike so many of the other awards shows—the Grammys, the People’s Choice Awards, American Music Awards, even the Oscars—the Golden Globes seem to be crafted for adults, i.e., people who don’t know or care who Bebe Rexha or Venom are.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association seems to take a bit more of a European approach to American entertainment, honoring films and TV shows that depict believable situations and complex storylines.

Then they invite the nominees to a swell party, ply them with booze and let them do and say the kind of things adults do and say when they’ve had a couple.

As such, the Globes attract the season’s most glittering list of A-list actors, directors and writers—almost none of whom (except for Elsie Fisher, star of Eighth Grade) would be asked to show an ID to drink the complimentary champagne.

Herewith, five reasons to tune in.