Finally, two of life’s greatest joys, The Golden Girls and all-inclusive cruise vacations, have come together.

Travelers will have plenty of themed activities from which to choose — and yes, cheesecake will be served.

Flip Phone Events recently announced it’s offering a five-day Golden Girls-themed cruise based on the classic ’80s sitcom, aimed at serious fans looking for a little fun, sun, and nostalgia. Embarking from Miami (the Girls’ home base!), the cruise will hit the high seas in 2020, making stops in Key West, Florida, and Cozumel, Mexico.

Golden Girls trivia is on the menu of activities, of course. So make sure you know the answer to questions such as the age difference between Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy, and Estelle Getty, who played Dorothy’s mother, Sophia. (Answer: Getty was actually a year younger than her on-screen daughter). Or this one: Who was the oldest Golden Girl in real life? (Answer: Betty White, who played Rose and is now 97—the only member of the main cast who is still living.)

Diehard fans can also enjoy Dorothy’s Bingo, The Rusty Anchor Karaoke Party, and One Night in St. Olaf Dance Party, complete with a game of Ugel and Flugel.  For non-diehards, Ugel and Flugel is a hide-and-seek game from Rose’s hometown of St. Olaf, Minnesota. And yes, cheesecake will be served.

StarVista Live’s musical nostalgia-based cruises include Ultimate Disco, Southern Rock, Flower Power, Country Rock, and Soul Train.

The cruise departs in February 2020 aboard the Celebrity Infinity, part of a growing trend of ’70s and ’80s era nostalgia-themed cruises. Cruise travel is experiencing a boom, with 30 million people projected to hit the high seas in 2019 (up 6% from 2018), and the industry is capitalizing by offering ever-more niche experiences.

StarVista Live, for example, has a slate of musical nostalgia-based cruises in 2019 that include Ultimate Disco, Southern Rock, Flower Power, Country Rock, and Soul Train to name a few. Soul at Sea is offering a “Classic TV Stars Cruise” that lets you hang out with your childhood idols like Barry Williams, Jerry Mathers and more.

Tickets for the Golden Girls trip range from $986 to $1181, so get your own personal friend crew together and make Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, and Rose proud.  

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