Much has changed in the intervening 50 years since The Brady Bunch faked UFO sightings, kissed Davy Jones, and fell under the curse of a wayward tiki idol. What hasn’t changed: the facade of 11222 West Dilling Street, North Hollywood, Calif. (a.k.a. the Brady house), the most popular home in America, according to a new report by 

Of course, the inside is another story. The Brady family might seem real, but this is TV we’re talking about—the actual interior bears no resemblance to the Burbank sound stages on which the show was filmed.

The Brady kids are going to restore their TV home to its garish glory on “A Very Brady Renovation.”

Thankfully, HGTV and the Brady kids (well, the six actors who played them) are going to remedy that, restoring the home to its garish glory on a new show that will air next year (scheduled debut: September 2019). It’s appropriately titled A Very Brady Renovation.

HGTV purchased the property in August for a cool $3.5 million (double the asking price). The network plans to spend more than $350,000 on the groovy renovation, according to the permits filed and obtained by People last month.

All six of the original Brady kids will be on the show (Florence Henderson, Robert Reed, Ann B. Davis, and Tiger the dog have all sadly passed). Home renovation reality TV stars from HGTV shows including the Property Brothers, Good Bones, and Restored by the Fords will also appear.

“You know when there are times in your life where everything comes together and it just feels like it was so meant to be and everything feels right? That’s how this feels,” Maureen McCormick (aka Marcia) told People. “It’s so perfect.”

People also managed to score some of the blueprints HGTV has filed for the renovations, which include the addition of a covered patio and an additional bedroom. Unlike the TV residence, this home only has three bedrooms—a tad crowded for a blended family of eight, plus one beloved housekeeper.

Can you imagine how they’re going to tackle that AstroTurf installation in the backyard?