You only have so much down time, and the last way you want to spend it is deciding what to watch. But between streaming video, network TV, and new movie releases, that’s exactly what can happen if you turn on your TV or hit the megaplex without a plan. What follows are four of the best viewing options in the week to come.

Maya Erskine, left, and Anna Konkle play teenage versions of themselves in the new comedy “Pen15.”


The headline of this week is One Day at a Time, executive producer Norman Lear’s reboot of his 1970s television series, back for a third season after fans launched a social media campaign. Starring the eternally winning Rita Moreno—now 80-something—as the matriarch of a Cuban American family living in the Echo Park neighborhood Los Angeles,  the show tackles such issues as teen drug abuse, racism, and homophobia without missing a comic beat. Justine Machado (Six Feet Under) is equally charismatic as Moreno’s war veteran daughter, a single mother of two who battles depression and mansplainers with unflagging tough love. Available on Netflix, beginning February 8.

As challenging as middle age can get, few of us would gladly go back to middle school. Yet that’s the premise of PEN15, in which adult actors play their 13-year-old school-reject selves, surrounded by actual tweens. Starring such wags as Andy Samberg (Brooklyn 99) and Anna Konkle (Rosewood), the comedy series never goes for the easy gag, instead digging deep into the humiliations of puberty with a wry pathos that’ll make you empathize with the young people in your life—and your younger self. Available on Hulu, beginning February 8.

Diana Ross will perform at the Grammys on Sunday as a way to celebrate her 75th birthday.

Network TV

Fantastically unlikely get-ups and live performances? That’s rock and roll for you, and also what you can expect from the 61st Grammys, staged this Sunday in Los Angeles’ Staples Center. This year’s awards ceremony promises to be a lady-power bonanza with Alicia Keys as host, a performance from take-no-prisoners hip hop artist Cardi B, and live performances from 70-something queens Diana Ross and Dolly Parton, the latter also being feted in an all-star performance.  Airing on CBS at 8pm EST; tune in to E! at 6pm for red-carpet fun.

Real-life married couple Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem portray reunited lovers in new film “Everybody Knows.”

Theatrical releases

Real-life spouses (and heartthrobs!) Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz costar as former lovers reunited by tragedy in Everybody Knows, a Madrid-set abduction thriller from Asghar Farhadi. The Iranian director, who won an Oscar for 2011’s A Separation, delivers suspense galore as well as a rueful meditation on class and cultural tensions with his characteristically subversive camera-work.  In theaters February 8.