Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend whose mother is in the ICU. She’s in critical condition, yet no one is allowed to visit her due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

My friend feels helpless, and it’s likely that his mother feels quite lonely due to the implementation of social distancing. And so a question surfaces: How do you care for a sick loved one when you’re not allowed to hold their hand at the hospital?

Social distancing and the coronavirus

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration defines social distancing as a way to keep people from interacting closely or frequently enough to spread an infectious disease. Social distancing is often necessary amidst pandemics due to the ease with which viruses spread.

A hospital is an especially risky place to have human contact taking place because the immunocompromised are especially prone to coronavirus fatality. Though the rapid implementation of social distancing is a necessary precaution, this doesn’t minimize the hardship of not being able to sit beside the bed of a sick loved one.

In the video below, we go over six ways to show someone who’s sick that you care, even when you can’t physically be with them.

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