Google is a mecca of answers for any question you could dream of. Sometimes (a lot of the time) people go too far, with things like “is it healthy to drink your own urine?” or “why does my cat look like Hitler?”

So, it’s not exactly a surprise that people are flocking to Google asking: Does the deadly Wuhan coronavirus have anything to do with Corona beer?

The Corona beer virus

Google Trends

According to data from Google Trends, online searches for “corona beer virus,” “beer virus” and “beer coronavirus” have increased significantly worldwide since January 18.

In the period between January 18 and January 26, searches for “beer coronavirus” in particular jumped 3,233%. Meanwhile, “corona beer virus” searches jumped 2,300% and just “beer virus” jumped 744%.

According to Business Insider, Cambodia and Denmark topped the list of places that were Googling “Corona beer virus” — so it seems that Eurasia is particularly curious if Corona Extra is linked to the disease.

So why is it called a coronavirus?

In Latin, “Corōna” means crown and, under a microscope, the coronavirus has spikes that appear crown-like. Moreover, in English, “corona” is an anatomical term that’s used for body parts that resemble a crown.

Rest assured, there is no connection between Corona Extra and the Wuhan coronavirus.

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