Does your health regimen include limiting sugary snacks and opting for reduced-sugar versions of your favorite treats?

You’re in good company, according to a new survey from Innova Market Insights, which found that U.S. boomers are cutting back on sugar at a higher rate than their younger peers.

One-half of boomers are buying more reduced-sugar products, while two in five are cutting their overall consumption of sweet snacks, Innova reports.

While the company did not have comparative U.S. figures for other age groups, it did point to global statistics that 76% of boomers had taken some steps in the past year to reduce their sugar consumption, compared with an average of 68% for all demographics.

76% of boomers took steps in the past year to reduce their sugar consumption.

Innova presents its findings this week at the 2019 meeting of The Institute of Food Technologists in New Orleans.

The evidence keeps piling up that consumption of too much sugar catches up with older people, increasing the rate of obesity and its attendant illnesses.

A recent analysis from Emory University found that daily consumption of more than one daily glass of fruit juice or a sugary beverage correlates to a rise in mortality among Americans 45 and older.

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