Everyone over 50 knows the sting of age discrimination. It’s easy to feel like a dinosaur if all your co-workers—not to mention your boss—are younger than you.

But what if you made that feeling work for you? 

For more than a year, sports pundits have openly debated the wisdom of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s decision to keep playing at 41 and his public musings about not retiring until 45 or maybe even 50. 

Then there were the musings last fall that he had finally started to slip. But hey, that’s what happens if you hang around too long. 

By now you know that Brady and the Patriots are heading to their fourth Super Bowl in five years, after an epic win on Sunday over the Los Angeles Chargers in the AFC championship game. 

Patriot receiver Julian Edelman was wired for sound during the game and so the world got to hear exactly how to motivate one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game (if not all time).

Tell him he’s too old. Too @#$% old.

Take a listen.

(If you can’t play video, the exchange on the sideline after the Patriots gain a 14-0 lead goes thusly:

Edelman: Nice @#$%ing ball! Nice @#$%ing ball!

The two slap hands.

Brady: Thanks, baby. Thanks, baby.

Edelman starts to walk away, then turns and gets in Brady’s face.

Edelman: You’re too @#$%ing OLD! You’re too @#$%ing OLD!)

Charged up? Maybe we should all start the morning pretending there’s a Julian Edelman egging us on.