6 ways to get help paying your medical bills

Don't get overwhelmed by unpaid medical bills—try these smart strategies to lower your balance.

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The only thing scarier than getting very sick is feeling overwhelmed by unpaid medical bills. In a recent CareCredit survey, a healthcare credit card from Synchrony Financial, 52% of respondents said they have delayed elective healthcare or dental treatment because of cost. Before you panic, though, take a deep breath and understand that there may actually be a way to get help.

“Getting frustrated with medical bills is totally normal. I see it all the time,” says Martha K. (Marty) Bradt, a licensed health care advocate who runs Health Claims Concierge LLC in Rye, NY. “It’s often a long road to getting it all sorted out. Take a deep breath. It is difficult and it can be confusing, but you can do it.”

To get help paying for your medical bills, try the following steps.





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