When was the last time you made a New Year’s resolution? One study found that only 14% of people age 50 to 65 made a resolution last year, compared to 36% of people age 18 to 24. 

We may bail on resolutions because historically, success rates for keeping them aren’t impressive. Numbers vary wildly depending on who is surveyed and how long they’re followed, but rates as low as 8% are widely touted.

People who made New Year’s resolutions were almost 12 times more likely to meet their goals than those who didn’t.

Maybe, though, we’re looking at the numbers the wrong way. A University of Scranton study compared people who made New Year’s resolutions — most often to lose weight, exercise, or quit smoking — with people who wanted to make those same changes, but didn’t make a resolution. 

After six months, 46% of the resolvers were successful, compared to only 4% of the non-resolvers. Put another way, the people who made resolutions were almost 12 times more likely to meet their goals than those who didn’t.

Maybe it’s time for those of us over age 50 to put aside our cynicism about New Year’s resolutions and give them another shot. If you gave up on resolutions years ago, today’s technology might help you stick to your commitment. These apps can help.

1. The resolution: Eat better

The apps: Fooducate can help you measure the quality of your calories. HealthyOut can help you make better choices when you’re eating in restaurants, and shopwell does the same in the grocery store. 

2. The resolution: Save more money

The apps: For overall budgeting, try Mint or You Need A Budget. Acorns can roll your spare change into an investment account. Digit can analyze your income and spending and automate your savings.

3. The resolution: Walk more

The app: With MapMyFitness, you can track your walks, workouts, runs, and rides. 

4. The resolution: Lose weight

The app: You can track your food and exercise, and connect with a community for support, with LoseIt! 

5. The resolution: Quit smoking

The app: With the quitSTART app, you can monitor your progress, get back on track if you slip, and manage your cravings. 

6. The resolution: Drink less alcohol

The app: DrinkControl (Apple only) tracks your alcohol consumption, how much you spend on alcohol, and how many calories you consume from alcohol. 

7. The resolution: Read more

The app: You can use Bookly to set goals and track your reading time.  

8. The resolution: Find a new job

The apps: CareerBuilder and Monster are the big players in the job-search field. LinkedIn Job Search can help you find a job via your connections. 

9. The resolution: Make new friends

The app: Meetup can help you connect with people who share your favorite hobbies or activities. You can also look for general-interest groups in your area for people age 50 or 60 and older. 

10. The resolution: Find love

The apps: Match and eharmony are the top names in this crowded field. SilverSingles and OurTime specifically target people age 50 and older.

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