If you suffer from sleep issues, you’ve most likely been advised to remove all electronics from the bedroom. That’s because the blue light from smartphones or TVs can interfere with the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep.

But a slew of new products are proving that not all gadgets are the enemy of those in search of better rest.

Many of them are specifically aimed at helping users overcome what’s known as early awakening insomnia, when you can’t seem to stay asleep as long as you used to. Early awakening—as opposed to the classic onset insomnia where people can’t fall asleep—tends to be more common among older people.

The six devices below are all aimed at helping you fall asleep or stay asleep longer. While most are pricey, the good news is that most manufacturers give you the option of taking them for a trial period before you buy.

When you try them, you can use a fitness tracker like Fitbit to find out whether you’re actually sleeping more—or just see if you feel more perky the next morning.