Cooking hacks can make food preparation easier for the less confident chefs among us, and save time and money for those who relish afternoons spent in the kitchen.

My personal favorite foodie hack is an easier way to slice a punnet of grapes, all at once, for a fruit salad. This is done by placing the grapes between two plates and running your knife through the gap. See the video demonstration below:

Genius! And incredibly satisfying.

There are plenty more tips and tricks where that came from. This infographic, created by kitchen company Kit Stone, features 50 time-saving kitchen tips including an easy way to skim fat from soup, a more fun way to fry eggs, and a simple method for juicing a lemon.

While we’re talking about the culinary arts, here are 7 old-school kitchen utensils overdue for a comeback. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got the urge to halve some grapes.

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