Each January, more than 188,000 attendees from around the world gather in Las Vegas for CES, or what was formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show. There, on display in 2.9 million square feet of exhibition space, are the most innovative new technologies and gadgets that are either in stores now, or coming out soon.

Regarded as perhaps the most important preview of the most important new technology that will shape consumers’ lives in the year ahead, this year’s show featured a number of inventive products that are likely to delight older consumers or help them deal with the challenges of aging (hearing problems stemming from all those years of attending rock concerts, anyone?).

This year, some of the most cutting-edge technology popped up in wearable devices, and “smart” home gadgets that sync with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home devices. Many products also capitalized on recent improvements in audio and AI technologies.

Below are our best-in-show picks from this year’s CES that will make your life easier, smarten up your home, perhaps save you time and money—and definitely help you have more fun.