Some grandparents dream of spending every morning with their grandchildren. One grandfather made that a reality.

Doug Hayes —who lives in Gladstone, Ore. and is a grandfather to 10 children — recently bought a school bus in order to take his grandkids to school each morning.

All aboard the Grandfather Express

Hayes dubbed the bus the “Grandfather Express.” It’ll go into service right after Christmas break.

The primary purpose of purchasing the school bus was in order to “spend a few minutes with [my grandkids] every single morning,” Hayes told CNN. However, the Grandfather Express also serves logistical purposes as Hayes’ grandchildren attend Paideia Classical Christian School, which is a small private school that doesn’t provide busing.

Though only five of his 10 grandkids are currently school-aged, the Grandfather Express will be rolling as long as Hayes can drive it, which gives the kids something to look forward to as they begin their schooling.

All of the grandchildren were elated when their grandpa revealed the holiday surprise to them. “When they saw [the school bus], they were just ecstatic,” Hayes told CNN.

Hayes is looking forward to dropping off his grandchildren at school each morning before he heads out to work. And perhaps he’ll inadvertently be giving other grandparents a creative idea on how to sneak some extra time with their grandkids, as well.

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