If you’ve ever wondered how Santa manages to fly around the world and speedily hand out presents to every child on the planet, Walmart has offered a possible answer.

This week the retail giant pulled a sweater from their Canadian online store that appears to show Santa using an illegal stimulant to keep himself up and perky for his Christmas Eve mission.

The sweater depicts Santa with dilated pupils behind a table lined with what appears to be cocaine. The tagline beneath reads “Let It Snow.” (Snow is of course a common euphemism for the drug in question.)

The product’s description went on to allude that Santa was indulging in some illegal activities by stating, “We all know how snow works, it’s white, powdery and the best snow comes straight from South America.” If any doubt was left, the product description goes on to mention “Grade A, Colombian snow.” Oh dear.

The photo and product description began making the rounds on Twitter, eventually coming to the attention of Walmart. The company removed the product from its website and issued a statement of apology. “These sweaters, sold by a third-party seller, do not represent Walmart’s values and have no place on our website.”

Walmart is not the only company to fall foul of the Christmas merchandise mess. Last week Amazon halted the sale of Auschwitz-themed Christmas products, including Christmas decorations, a mouse pad and a bottle opener.

It’s Christmas, guys. Remember, he knows when you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake…

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