Whether you’re downsizing after your kids have flown the coop, packing up for retirement, or simply craving a change of scenery, moving is one of the most stressful life experiences to deal with. Not only do you need to find a home that fits your budget, size requirements, and neighborhood preferences, there’s the matter of selling your old home—and getting a good price for it.

Some folks might have nice tax refunds to put towards major purchases.

When it comes to getting the most for your property value, timing counts. A report from Zillow shows why it can really pay to list your home at the right time of year.

Zillow found that the best time of year to list your house is a Saturday in the first half of May. Homes listed then tend to sell two weeks faster than average, with an increase payout of $2,500.

So what makes early May the sweet selling spot? According to Readers’s Digest, there are a couple of factors. For one, nobody wants to move in the middle of a snowstorm or downpour. Early May usually means nice weather in most of the country, and people looking forward to enjoying the summer in their new homes.

Some folks also might have nice tax refunds to put towards major purchases like a new home.

Of course, plenty of factors in the local housing market can also affect prices. But all other things being equal, if you’re looking to sell, time to get moving so you can get it on the market by May.