Everyone loves free stuff. It might be things you don’t need. You might have to wait in a long line to get the freebie. But it still costs $0, nada, nothing. Sweet. 

In the first month of the year, you have lots of opportunities to score free food—or ways to work off those extra treats—and more. Check out these 12 chances to get something for nothing. 

Food “holidays”

Throughout the year, seemingly arbitrary food holidays can mean free or discounted munchies.

This year National Popcorn Day falls on Saturday, January 19, so check for deals at your local movie theatre or online popcorn purveyors (on National Popcorn Day in 2018, Regal Theatres offered 50% off and several mail-order sites had special discount codes).

Regal brought out the same deal this year, and Showcase Cinemas, a New England chain of theaters, is offering free popcorn on National Popcorn Day to members of its loyalty program. For more deals, see this list.

Next up: National Croissant Day is Wednesday, January 30. Fingers crossed that bakeries in your area commemorate the day. Last year Au Bon Pain handed out free mini chocolate croissants for a few hours.

Gym classes

Remember that New Year’s resolution to hit the gym? Would it be easier to exercise more if it was free?

You can try new workout classes—seven, to be exact—with Class Pass, a national service that allows you to hop (or skip, or jump) from exercise class to class in your area with this free one-month trial.

If you prefer a more traditional fitness experience, try a seven-day trial at your local Curves gym for women (there are over 4,000 clubs across the world), which has all the usual exercise equipment plus classes.

Ice cream!

Ready to blow through your New Year’s resolutions? Or at least reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put towards accomplishing them?

Download the Dairy Queen app for a free small blizzard treat, plus other discounts and deals throughout the year.

Skincare samples

You can get a free sample of Olay Whips moisturizer, eye gel, and facial cleansing cloths when you sign up for the brand’s mailing list.

Cooking classes

Williams Sonoma offers free technique classes throughout the year, great for novice home chefs eager to cook more in 2019. On January 20, it’s knife skills (contact your local store for details). 

A day in a park

Martin Luther King Day, which falls on Monday, Jan. 21, is traditional the first of five National Parks free admission days of the year. 

Would it be easier to exercise more if it was free?

However, the continued government shutdown leaves this deal up in the air.

Until all federal agencies reopen, fewer staff members are on hand to operate the parks, campgrounds may be closed, and the parks may be dirty due to overflowing trash receptacles and dirty bathrooms. 

A day at the museum

If you happen to be in Cleveland on MLK Day, you can get free admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The all-day program includes educational session, films, and special performances.

A jolt of coffee

This “freebie” from Starbucks admittedly isn’t totally free, but it pays for itself if you use it enough. 

With the purchase a $40 Starbucks Brewed Refill Tumbler cup, you’ll receive a free grande coffee or tea every day in January (or, what’s left of it.) Based on the typical price of a Starbucks coffee, the cup will pay for itself if you fill it up at least 20 times. 

The sound of books

You can enjoy Amazon’s Audible audio streaming service (think: podcasts, educational radio programs, and audio books) for 30 days free. 

The trial comes with one free audiobook and two “Audible Originals,” and renews for $14.95 per month after 30 days.

Binge-worthy cable shows

Spend these long winter nights binging on popular TV shows like Homeland and Billions with the home streaming service with a 30-day free trial from Showtime. Note this deal is already going fast. 

Also, you’ll be automatically enrolled after the trial, so be sure to cancel if you’re not interested in continuing a subscription.