Considering a dynamic, fast-growing, affordable destination for the next chapter of your life? Maybe it’s time to consider … North Dakota?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s newly released estimates on population change from July 2017 to July 2018, McKenzie County in North Dakota (located on the western side of the state) had the highest percentage of population growth in the entire US among counties with at least 10,000 residents. It chalked up 7.1% population growth.

North Dakota is on a roll: Just to the north of McKenzie County, Williams County comes in at No. 2.

And North Dakota is on a roll: Just to the north of McKenzie County, Williams County comes in at No. 2 nationally, growing 5.9% in that same time frame.

Jesse Veedor Scofield, special projects coordinator in McKenzie County’s Department of Development, attributed the regional boom to natural resources and affordable prices.

“There is work here now due to the oil and gas industry,” Scofield told Considerable. “The industry is here, the jobs are here, and the community here is very livable for people to bring their families.” And she doesn’t see it slowing down any time soon. “The opportunities are endless, and there’s so much potential.”

North Dakota is currently considered the sixth safest state for seniors in the nation, and falls in the top half in terms of lowest total tax burden (ranked 19th) in the country.

And consider: While it didn’t make the list itself, North Dakota is just a stone’s throw from South Dakota, which WalletHub recently ranked the second-best place in the country to retire.

What does the Census Bureau have to say about the rest of the country? According to a handy explainer on Business Insider, Texas and Florida combined boast another seven of the 10 fastest-growing counties. (Brunswick County, North Carolina, fills out the Top 10, clocking in at No. 5 with 4.6% growth.)

Meanwhile, the fastest-shrinking counties were spread throughout numerous Southern and Midwestern states.  

Take a look for yourself, and don’t ever underestimate North Dakota again!