No matter how much you love your house, at a certain point, you might start to think there’s a little too much of it.

As you age, and especially if your kids have moved on, the comfort and familiarity of your home may be outweighed by the work and expense of maintaining a too-large place.

Yet even if financial and physical factors are pointing you in the direction of a smaller place, the decision to downsize is never easy. Research has found that the vast majority of Americans would prefer to stay in their current home as they age.

Community is a big deal too: One survey found that even among baby boomers who planned to move, over half planned to stay close to their current locale. If you live in an expensive area, that means your savings from swapping homes could be minimal.

On the other side of the equation, if you’re over 50, there’s a good chance that you’ve got plenty of home equity. That could go a long way to helping you boost your retirement savings.

The answers to the following can help you sort out the best option for your situation. Add up the points on the 10 questions below, and your score will show your best plan of action.

To downsize or not to downsize?

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