Whether or not you feel happy in any given moment is largely an individual phenomenon. But where you live can play a surprisingly big role in your overall sense of well-being.

Recently, personal finance site WalletHub compiled a list of the cities in America where people feel the happiest, using key indicators that, according to research, correlate to health, happiness and longevity.

WalletHub evaluated 180 cities on 31 metrics within three categories: emotional and physical well-being, work environment and community and environment.

Specific components included the rate of adult depression and suicide: the number of work hours per week: weather: the rate of separation and divorce: and participation in leisure activities such as sports.

You can see how your city ranks in the map below:

Source: WalletHub

The top 10 happiest cities

1.Plano, Texas. This small city just north of Dallas nailed the number one spot with relatively high ranks in all three of WalletHub’s key categories. Plano, which boasts a low crime rate and a wealth of job opportunities, is also clearly a great place for families: It had one of the lowest divorce rates among the cities on the list.

2.Irvine, Calif. Four cities in California made the top 10, and high scores in physical well-being played a major role. It’s easy to spend lots of time outdoors in Irvine, as evidenced by the fact that the city was the second-highest ranked for sports participation.

3.Madison, Wisc. This college town offers much to stimulate the mind and soul: Madison took the third-highest spot in the country for residents’ physical and emotional well-being.

4.Fremont, Calif. Given a high cost of living, Fremont residents may be a bit more income-stressed than their generous median incomes would suggest. They did, however, have the lowest divorce and separation rate in the nation.

5.Huntington Beach, Calif. This city just south of Los Angeles is known for great surfing. Sure enough, its residents’ sports-participation rates were fourth-highest in the country.

6.Fargo, N.D. Not many people would move to Fargo for the weather. But perhaps the long cold winter allows residents to get more shut-eye: the city had among the highest rates of adequate sleep.

7. Grand Prairie, Texas. This Dallas suburb, which boasts a large nature preserve, golf courses and more, ranked high for good community and environment.

8. San Jose, Calif. Life in Silicon Valley can be stressful, but residents of San Jose still managed to nab high scores in the category of emotional and physical well-being.

9. Scottsdale, Ariz. This suburb of Phoenix, which had high scores for emotional well-being, is also known as a magnet for retirees.

10. San Francisco. With a high rate of homelessness, San Francisco scores low on community and environment metrics—but made up for that with high marks for income and employment.

How happy is your city?

11. Bismark, ND
12. Overland Park, KS
13. Santa Rosa, CA
14. Austin, TX
15. Sioux Falls, SD
16. Pearl City, HI
17. Glendale, CA
18. San Diego, CA
19. St. Paul, MN
20. Charleston, SC
21. Gilbert, AZ
22. Anaheim, CA
23. Raleigh, NC
24. Cape Coral, FL
25. Cedar Rapids, IA

26. Minneapolis, MN
27. Chula Vista, CA
28. Pembroke Pines, FL
29. Honolulu, HI
30. Des Moines, IA
31. Irving, TX
32. Santa Clarita, CA
33. Chandler, AZ
34. Oceanside, CA
35. Omaha, NE
36. Lincoln, NE
37. Oakland, CA
38. Billings, MT
39. Tempe, AZ
40. Garden Grove, CA
41. Denver, CO
42. Fort Worth, TX
43. Burlington, VT
44. Peoria, AZ
45. Port St. Lucie, FL
46. Boise, ID
47. Garland, TX
48. Aurora, CO
49. El Paso TX
49. Arlington, TX

51. Washington, D.C.
52. Charlotte, NC
53. Fort Lauderdale, FL
54. Seattle, WA
55. Aurora, IL
56. Missoula, MT
57. Santa Ana, CA
58. Boston, MA
59. Colorado Springs, CO
60. Durham, NC
61. Portland, ME
62. Grand Rapids, MI
63. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
64. Salt Lake City, UT
65. Yonkers, NY
66. Las Cruses, NM
67. Rapid City, SD
68. Dallas, TX
69. South Burlington, VT
70. Virginia Beach, VA
71. Long Beach, CA
72. Anchorage, AK
73. Cheyenne, WY
74. Columbia, MD
75. Mesa, AZ

76. Chesapeake, VA
77. Reno, NV
78. Tallahassee, FL
79. Atlanta, GA
80. Oxnard, CA
81. Nampa, ID
82. Los Angeles, CA
83. Orlando, FL
84. Portland, OR
85. Salem, OR
86. Brownsville, TX
87. Pittsburgh, PA
88. Riverside, CA
89. Fontana, CA
90. New York, NY
91. Nashua, NH
92. Huntsville, AL
93. Jersey City, NJ
94. West Valley City, UT
95. Manchester, NH
96. Ontario, CA
97. San Antonio, TX
98. Amarillo, TX
99. Vancouver, WA
100. Tampa, FL

101. Miami, FL
102. Dover, DE
103. Moreno Valley, CA
104. Glendale, AZ
105. Nashville, TN
106. Houston, TX
107. Chicago, IL
108. Columbia, SC
109. Greensboro, NC
110. Lewiston, ME
111. Loredo, TX
112. Hialeah, FL
113. Henderson, NV
113. Lexington-Fayette, KY
115. Sacramento, CA
116. Modesto, CA
117. Newport News, VA
118. Tuscon, AZ
119. Springfield, MO
120. St. Petersburg, FL
121. Richmond, VA
122. Tacoma, WA
123. Warwick, RI
124. Lubbock, TX
125. Casper, WY

126. Kansas City, MO
127. Phoenix, AZ
128. Oklahoma City, OK
129. Corpus Christi, TX
130. Winston-Salem, NC
131. Juneau, AK
132. Albuquerque, NM
133. Columbus, OH
134. Bakersfield, CA
135. Bridgeport, CT
136. Jacksonville, FL
137. Knoxville, TN
138. Louisville, KY
139. Norfolk, VA
140. Chattanooga, TN
141. Wichita, KS
142. Worcester, MA
143. Rochester, NY
144. San Bernardino, CA
145. Buffalo, NY
146. Fresno, CA
147. Milwaukee, WI
148. Baton Rouge, LA
149. Stockton, CA
150. Spokane, WA

151. Indianapolis, IN
152. Fort Wayne, IN
153. New Orleans, LA
154. North Las Vegas, NV
155. Las Vegas, NV
156. Tulsa, OK
157. Wilmington, DE
158. Providence, RI
159. New Haven, CT
160. Montgomery, AL
161. Baltimore, MD
162. Jackson, MS
163. Shreveport, LA
164. Memphis, TN
165. Philadelphia, PA
166. Colombus, GA
167. Fayetteville, NC
168. Akron, OH
169. Cincinnati, OH
170. Fort Smith, AR
171. St. Louis, MO
172. Augusta, GA
173. Mobile, AL
174. Newark, NJ
175. Huntington, WV
176. Little Rock, AR
177. Gulfport, MS
178. Cleveland, OH
179. Birmingham, AL180. Charleston, WV
181. Toledo, OH
182. Detroit, MI