Earlier this year, we rounded up 25 of the most successful Shark Tank products from the show’s 11 seasons. The list included classics like the Drop Stop (the best-selling car accessory on Amazon) and PhoneSoap smartphone sanitizer (which soared to new heights in the coronavirus pandemic).

We might need to update our rankings. A $10 product called Bug Bite Thing is currently Amazon’s best-selling insect bite treatment.

In 2019, Port St. Lucie entrepreneur Kelley Higney made a deal with Lori Greiner — $150,000 for 10% equity in her company. As we push towards summer, her product is generating a lot of buzz. As one reviewer put it, “If you live anywhere where insect bites are common, you need to own one of these!”

Bug Bite Thing (Amazon, $9.95) contains no chemicals. Instead, it uses suction to suck out the saliva or venom from bug bites and stings.

“By removing the irritant,” the company explains, “the body stops producing the reaction that causes the uncomfortable symptoms such as itching, swelling and pain.”

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