According to Homesick Candles, every state has its own unique scent. And they’ve created individual candles for every one of the nifty fifty.

Homesick Candles

As I write this from our New York office, I begin to wonder what our state’s fragrance might be. Garbage in August, day-old pizza, the smell of broken Broadway dreams? Actually it’s apple peel, nutmeg, with undertones of clove, cinnamon, pumpkin, hay and river. That’s much sweeter!

Homesick Candles are the perfect gift for anyone who might be feeling a little, well, homesick. Do you have a child at college, a grandchild in the military or simply a family member who has moved away? You can offer them a journey into their sensory memory through nostalgic scents — and remind them of the place where they grew up and felt loved.

You can find each state’s Homesick Candle here.

And here’s the signature smell of each state:

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